A Visual Guide to Tea Flavors- empori Tea Flavor Wheel [PDF]

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This flavor wheel can help you find the words to describe the flavors in teas!

🤔What is a Flavor Wheel?

No one's a "bad taster". Often times when we're struggling to describe the flavors or aromas in something, what we are really struggling with is finding the right words.

You know exactly what you're tasting, you just don't know what to call it. That's where a flavor wheel comes in!

A flavor wheel is a non-exhaustive list of taste descriptors, organized into different flavor categories, that you can refer to to help you find the right words to describe what you're tasting.

🤓About the our flavor wheel

This flavor wheel was designed by us for our experimental tea experience, Identi-tea

As the name suggests, it is a flavor wheel designed specifically for tea.

While there are many fantastic tea flavor wheels out there, they all tended to lean towards either eastern or western palates in their descriptors. So in the name of globalization and cultural homogeny, we decided to take the best of both words and create the TCK equivalent of tea flavor wheels.

This flavor wheel was designed to covers the profile of all tea types (green, yellow, white, oolong, black, dark) and can be used with any kind of tea. Chinese Teas English Tea, Japanese Tea etc., and yes, even Chai and Mate.

😶What if I can't find the flavor I'm looking for?

We all describe flavors differently.

Which is why we also included a blank flavor wheel in the PDF. We hope that overtime, you can create your own flavor wheel using your very own taste vocabulary, informed by your unique food history and upbringing.

Tasting is always more fun when you use words that are meaningful to you.

🐱‍👤How to use it

Here's a link to our comprehensive guide on how to use this flavor wheel in a more structured way.

BUT that's only if you want to go down the rabbit hole of extremely curious tasting.

For everyday use, we recommend the following steps:

1) Drink your tea

2) When you find a flavor you can't find a word for, take out the flavor wheel

3) See which descriptor best fits the flavors you are tasting

That's it!

It's that simple.

Oh, but in the event that none of our taste descriptors fit (and that can happen), feel free to use the flavor categories (the inner two rings) to jog your taste memory and help you find the right words!


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A high-resolution A4 PDF including:

1x Tea Flavor Wheel
1x Empty Tea Flavor Wheel

A Visual Guide to Tea Flavors- empori Tea Flavor Wheel [PDF]

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