My Cat's Tea Journal - A creative tea by empori (refillable!)

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A refillable tea journal with: a tea tasting tutorial + 15 kittea-fication tasting sheets

Size: A5

Who says tea-tasting has to be proper and posh?
Welcome to the world of kittea-fication, where you try to capture your cat's personality in tea flavors. Think of it as trying to find your cat's spirit tea.

🐶Doggo version of this journal is available upon request

🙀My Cat's Tea Journal? Wha..?

This Tea Journal is designed for tea lovers who are also hoomans of cats (aka cat owners/lovers).

Unlike regular tea journals, which helps you note down tasting notes and brew recipes, the Cat Tea Journal ventures into the mystical world of creative tasting.

The tasting sheets in this journal is designed to help you draw abstract associations from tasting notes (e.g. the flavors of cut grass = wise and composed), so that you can see if the personality of the tea matches that of your chosen cat(s).

Is your Himalayan Ragdoll a single-estate Darjeeling tea? Or maybe a Taiwanese Oriental Beauty is what best captures the disposition of your Calico...

There's only one way to find out...

What's special about our Cat Tea Journal?


Associating taste and flavors with abstract concepts such as personality and character can be challenging. After all, most of us are used to concrete tastes and flavors with more concrete descriptors.

My Cat's Tea Journal breaks down the taste-personality association process and provides guided questions to bridge the gap between technical tasting and creative tasting.


The journal has been re-designed with cat-approved motifs to honor the royal felines who are the true stars of this taste exploration.


Cats are multi-faceted. We don't expect a single tea to capture all the nuances of your cat's personality. It is very likely that you might drink more tea than the journal has pages.

Fear not! We've designed this journal to be refillable. The binder can be opened up and is compatible with any 20-hole loose leaf paper.

You can refill your journal either by

  • purchasing a refill pack from us, OR
  • buy the digital version and print your own!


You may not want to associate every tea with cats.
(The blasphemy..)

Ahem, we mean. Sometimes you may want to do a more standardized tasting of tea... Or maybe you want to taste something besides tea.

Because this journal uses a refillable binder, you can customize it by adding other loose-leaf sheets or even folders and accoutrements. And who says you can only use it for tea? You can always buy, print or even design tasting sheets for other foods and drinks and create your very own multi-purpose tasting journal!

tldr; Please take this journal and make it your own!

(PS: might we suggest you pair it with our empori tea flavor wheel or standard tasting sheets?) 👇

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This Purrfect Journal is...

Good for 15 teas
Made using premium Japanese note paper
Compatible with all 20-hole loose leaf sheets

My Cat's Tea Journal - A creative tea by empori (refillable!)

0 ratings
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