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Empori Tea Tasting Sheet Testers [PDF}

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Can't decide if our Tea Taste Journal is for you?

Take our Tea Tasting Sheet for a spin!

🤔How do tasting sheets work?

Tasting sheets break down the process of tasting into different components so you can take your time with each of them instead of trying to process every sensation you're feeling when you taste something.

In the case of a tea tasting sheet, it helps give you structure when tasting a tea so you can appreciate the full spectrum of a tea's flavors:

  • colors
  • aromas
  • tase
  • mouthfeel

🐶Why test out a tasting sheet?

There's no real "correct" way of tasting something. Everyone has a different process and different things they want to focus on.

Some might prefer to focus on aromas, while others like to tune into how the tea makes them feel AFTER they've swallowed.

All forms of experiencing taste are equally valid.

Which is why it's important to find a tasting sheet that works for YOU.

The whole point of a tasting sheet is to take the burden of guiding yourself through the taste experience off you, so you can focus fully on your own sensations.

But this also means that if a tasting sheet isn't taking you through the aspects of a tea you want to experience, it's not working for you.

As such, we recommend you always give a tasting sheet format a try to see if it's design serves the purpose you have in mind. 😁


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Empori Tea Tasting Sheet Testers [PDF}

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