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My Coffee Journal - Guided coffee tasting journal by empori (refillable!)

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A refillable coffee journal with: a coffee tasting tutorial + tasting sheets for 30 coffees

Size: A5

Looking to get into the geeky world of coffee tasting?
Or maybe you prefer an analogue option for jotting down your dial in notes?

Our coffee journal might just be what you need!

This journal breaks down the process of coffee tasting and walks you through how you can tune into a taste experience in a systemic way.

🤔What is a Coffee Journal and why should I get one??

A Coffee Journal is a notebook for you to jot down your:

  • brewing recipe (e.g. dosage, water temperature etc.)
  • tasting notes

Empori's Coffee journal in particular consist of a guided tutorial on tasting which helps you break down the taste experience into easy-to-understand phases. Following which are a series of tasting sheets, which serve as a guide for the taste experience so YOU can focus on your tastebuds.

A Coffee Journal is for you if you're looking to:

  • Be more intentional with coffee tasting
  • Develop your own taste vocabulary
  • Keep track of your tasting notes and brew recipes

What's special about the empori Coffee Journal?


We designed this journal to be approachable no matter how far along you are on your coffee journey. The journal opens with a quick & easy tutorial that breaks down the coffee tasting process and helps you familiarize yourself with the tasting framework presented in this journal.


Everyone has their own style of tasting.
Some people are more focused on picking up flavor notes, others are more concerned with texture and mouthfeel.

Our tasting sheets come in two different designs to best match your tasting style!


The highlight of the structured style tasting sheet is the flavor notes table. It acts as a prompt to focus on the tasting experience in terms of breaking down a coffee's flavors into different taste components and identifying them.

Recommended for:

  • beginners on their taste journey looking to practice identifying flavors OR
  • individuals who find joy in categorizing flavor notes


The highlight of the impression style is the empty space it gives you to take down your tasting notes. It is a more flexible design which allows you to decide what you want to focus on tasting. An overall impression? Abstract associations? Childhood memories? You decide!

Recommended for:

  • anyone who wants more flexibility in writing down their tasting notes
  • suitable for all, beginners to experts and everyone in between

PS: We're always looking to make our tasting sheets for accessible. If you find our existing designs unwieldy for your taste style, drop us an email and we'll see if we can co-create something together!


Buying a new coffee journal every time you finish the existing one is neither convenient nor sustainable, so we've designed our coffee journal to be refillable. The binder can be opened up and is compatible with any 20-hole loose leaf paper. You can refill your journal either by

  • purchasing a refill pack from us, or
  • buy the digital version and print your own!


We may have created the skeleton, but how this journal evolves is now in your hand.

Because this journal uses a refillable binder, you can customize it by adding other loose-leaf sheets or even folders and accoutrements. And who says you can only use it for coffee? You can always buy, print or even design tasting sheets for other foods and drinks and create your very own multi-purpose tasting journal!

tldr; Please take this journal and make it your own!

🧩 This product is also compatible with...

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  • Omni-tasting Journal
  • Wine Tasting Sheet
  • Milk/Mylk Tasting Sheet


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☕This PHYSICAL coffee journal is...

Good for 30 coffees
Made using premium Japanese notepaper
Compatible with all 20-hole loose leaf sheets
Can be paired wih our flavor wheel

My Coffee Journal - Guided coffee tasting journal by empori (refillable!)

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