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Empori My Cat Tea Journal Refill [Physical Print Version]

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Tasting Sheet Refills for empori's "My Cat's Tea Journal".

PRINT VERSION (physical prints)

If you don't have a printer that can print on A5 paper, you can also order printed refills.

These refills printed on the same premium Japanese A5 20-hole loose leaf paper as the original

The printed version comes in two quantities

  • Pack of 15 - 15 printed sheets, enough for 15 teas
  • Pack of 30 - 30 printed sheets, enough for 30 teas

For the digital PDF refills (physical) please click here 💾.

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Empori's My Cat Tea Journal Printed Refills in your chosen pack size


Empori My Cat Tea Journal Refill [Physical Print Version]

0 ratings
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